WuXi DELight Service
Faster,Lighter Drug Discovery
Price: $25,000
Provided by WuXi DNA-Encoded Library Platform(WuXi DEL)
Please contact DEL_service@wuxiapptec.com for more information
Product Description
Detailed Packaging Overview
Through the DELight service package, WuXi offers a DEL library kit and decoding services to be performed after affinity screening conducted by the customer. WuXi AppTec will provide the kit and a user manual/protocols document to the customer. Upon receipt of the kit, the customer will perform the affinity selection according to the protocol and return the sample to WuXi. WuXi will then complete PCR amplification, qPCR determination, purification and NGS (Next Generation Sequencing). A summary report (Powerpoint files excluding structural information and DNA sequence information) will be provided for the customer’s reference. Customers who require follow-up or compound structure identification information should contact WuXi for more details.

Product Features:
• DNA Encoded Library Kit ready for screening 8.4 billion compounds
• Self-serve affinity selection, minimum assay development, no disclosure of target information
• Centralized sequencing and data analysis, fast turnaround time
• Data driven follow-up decision making

Product Overview:
• A convenient, efficient and economic Product as alternative to traditional DNA Encoded Library Screening service
• Affordable and instant access to DEL technology
• Standard benchtop procedures that are easy to follow
• Unique DNA barcoded library pools to setup four different screening conditions
• Concise and complete Kit User Manual and Sample submission form which offers precise instructions
• WuXi’s experienced DEL experts team will perform the next generation sequencing and data analysis to identify the hits

WuXi DNA-Encoded Library Service
DNA encoded library (DEL) technology involves an affinity selection process that integrates chemistry, biology, bioinformatics and computational chemistry to facilitate rapid discovery and provide access to more chemical entities at lower cost. DEL has quickly become a disruptive drug discovery technology in comparison to traditional high-throughput screening (HTS). In contrast to HTS, DEL requires a very small amount of target protein and minimum assay development. DEL selection can also be performed on the benchtop without complex instrumentation, allowing the testing of billions of compounds in one test tube. The enhanced data generated from DEL screening not only provides information on hits but also provides necessary perception into hit-to-lead and lead optimization processes.

WuXi has experience with a variety of clients from big pharma, small biotech to academia and is ready for business with a full spectrum of DEL service suite from library synthesis to hit identification. Backed by a dedicated informatics system for data collection, modelling and prediction, our experienced chemistry team has access to a huge collection of building blocks and our biology team is adept in managing both traditional and novel selection strategies. Both WuXi and clients collect, process and analysis data in bioinformatics system.
Four (4) tubes with DNA encoded library
Four (4) empty tubes prepared for the storage of post selection sample
5ml Washing Buffer stored in 8ml PE tubes
15ml Selection Buffer stored in 30ml PE tubes
Kit User Manual
Sample submission form

This kit includes four tubes of DNA encoded library containing more than eight billion screening compounds, Washing Buffer and Selection Buffer as a whole package. The DEL library pool in each tube is 0.03nmol/ul, 10ul in total. Each DEL library tube contains similar compounds, distinguished by labeling with different DNA tag which can be used to set up four different selection conditions. Empty EP tubes are provided for post selection sample storage and labeling. This kit contains all the libraries and reagents used for the screening. You simply open the kit and perform the affinity selection. Then ship the post-selection samples to WuXi DEL for subsequent quantitation, decoding and data analysis.

Storage temp. −80°C